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The Single Not Lonely Program

 The Single Not Lonely Program

How do you feel about being single? Do you feel like you are missing out certain life milestones because you are not partnered? What if I told you that you could live the life that you want without being partnered? What goals can I help you achieve that you have been putting off until you are partnered? Questions click the link below to schedule a call. 


Platinum Package

The Cinderella Syndrome Single Not Lonely Program


Gold Package

The Cinderella Syndrome Single Not Lonely Program

Silver Package

The Cinderella Syndrome


Program Details

Our sessions will be done over Zoom and recorded, so you can go back to them at any time to explore what we went over. The 12 week plan will go over:

First Month

Identify aspects in your life you feel Single Shame.

What goals have you put off because of single shame. 

Identify 2-3 goals to work toward. 

Second Month

Creating a plan of action 

Reviewing the plan and creating weekly action goals. 

Techniques to overcome Single Shame. 

Third Month

Executing the plan and pivoting when needed. 

Applying the techniques in real life situations.

Finally living the life you want while being single!

Free 30 Day Follow-Up!

A free 30 day follow up after program completion session to review your progress. 

Let's chat to get you started!