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Stepping Out On Faith Program

Stepping Out On Faith...But Not Without Plan

You are finally ready to pursue your passions, but you feel your 9 to 5 or other responsibilities are holding you back. Before you take the leap into your new life you need a plan of action to ensure a smooth transition. Let's work together to make that happen. The first step is a discovery call to see if this program is the right fit for you.  Questions click the link below to schedule a call. 


Platinum Package

The Cinderella Syndrome Goal Success Coach


Gold Package

The Cinderella Syndrome Goal Success Coach

Silver Package

The Cinderella Syndrome Goal Success Coach

Program Details

Our sessions will be done over Zoom and recorded, so you can go back to them at any time to explore what we went over. The 12 week plan will go over:

First Month

What are you ready to pursue?

Is this goal realistic?

What or whom is holding you back from pursuing your passion?

Second Month

Creating a plan of action 

Reviewing the plan and creating weekly action goals. 

Third Month

Executing the plan and pivoting when needed. 

And finally taking the leap into your new existence!

Free 30 Day Follow-Up!

A free 30 day follow up after program completion session to review your progress.  

Let's chat to get you started!