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Adjust Your Crown Program

Adjust Your Crown Program

Do you have a hard time saying 'No'? Have you found that you put your needs and wants last? In this program I will help you assert yourself in your professional and personal life. Learn the ability to express your wants and needs clearly. If you're ready to take the next step click on the link below. 


Platinum Package

The Cinderella Syndrome Goal Success Coach


Gold Package

The Cinderella Syndrome Goal Success Coach

Silver Package

The Cinderella Syndrome Goal Success Coach

Program Details

Our sessions will be done over Zoom and recorded, so you can go back to them at any time to explore what we went over. The 12 week plan will go over:

First Month

Identify what Assertiveness means to you. 

Identifying what aspects in your life do you put yourself last?

Personal vs. Professional. 

Second Month

How is this hindering your progress in your personal or professional life?

Practicing techniques to state your needs, express your feelings, and to give your self grace when you make mistakes. 

Third Month

Applying the techniques in real life situations.

Free 30 Day Follow-Up!

A free 30 day follow up after program completion session to review your progress. 


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