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Puerto Rico - My Final Wishes Journal| Paperback

Puerto Rico - My Final Wishes Journal| Paperback

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Prepare with Peace of Mind: My Final Wishes is not just a journal; it's a companion that guides you through organizing the essential details of your life, ensuring that nothing important is overlooked. This thoughtful tool is designed to help you record and arrange everything that matters, providing peace of mind to you and clarity to your loved ones.

What’s Inside: Personal Information Record: Keep all your vital information in one place – from legal names and addresses to important contacts like lawyers, doctors, and family members.

Legal Documentation Locator: Clearly mark where all critical documents are stored, including your will, property deeds, marriage/divorce certificates, and more.

Financial Overview Section: Document your financial assets and liabilities, including bank accounts, investments, insurance policies, and debt details, ensuring a smooth transition for estate management.

Digital Legacy Planner: Secure and simplify the management of your digital footprint. Detail your social media accounts, online banking, email accounts, and any other digital assets, along with instructions for access or closure.

Personal Wishes and Directives: Express your end-of-life wishes regarding medical care, funeral arrangements, and how you would like personal items bequeathed, ensuring your final desires are respected and carried out. 

Letters to Loved Ones: Dedicated space for personal letters to family and friends, a way to say the things that matter most, ensuring your voice is heard even when you're no longer here.

Checklist and Timelines: Easy-to-follow checklists and timelines to ensure no detail is missed and everything is handled according to your wishes.

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